• Mr. PERRAUD : until 1860, played on the Beaucourt harmonium in the temporary church
  • Miss ROUSSET, later Mrs. MOISSONNIER..


  • Mr. PERDRIX : small portable organ in the old church, and then in the new one : “… he had the joy to inaugurate the new organ in 1879, and he died shortly after.”


  • Mr. ETTERLEN (from Alsace) for 14 years (probably until 1893)
  • Fr. SÉVÉNIER, until 1897.


  • Fr. OLLAGNIER, in February 1897, “for a few months”, until the arrival of Daniel Fleuret.


  • Mr. Daniel FLEURET (born in Dôle on 1 March 1869, died in Lyon on 15 July 1915) abandoned his law studies and joined the Conservatoire de Lyon, where he was subsequently appointed professor of harmony and composition. In 1912, he founded an organ class at the Conservatoire. The “Little Review” reported in January 1951 that Mr. Fleuret became the titular organist in 1903. However, this musician-composer, teacher of Harmony at the Conservatory, Officer of the Academy in 1908, played at the inauguration. The “Semaine Religieuse” in his article on the ceremony, designated him as “the scholar organist of the parish.” Moreover, the “Petit Paroissial” in March 1900, still in this context, referred to “the scholar fingers of our nice organist.” He was organist at the Redemption Church when he met Louis Vierne in 1899. Daniel Fleuret later became organist at the St. Pothin Church.


  • Mr.Maurice REUCHSEL (born in Lyon on1880 – died in Lyon on 12 July 1968) : organist from 15 August 1915 to 1 January 1951, when he retired. Family of famous musicians of Lyon.

Maurice Reuschel


  • Paul DELASTRE (1909 – 2 December 1967), Lyon organist, titular organist at Saint-Bruno-les-Chartreux then Redemption Church from January 1951. Mr. Delastre taught Jean-Louis Florentz, on the organ at the Seminary chapel of the Oceania Missions in Lyon.


  • Miss Jeanne ADNET, from 1967 until February 2, 1992.



Jeanne ADNET plays on the Merklin organ of the Redemption Church. Program : FRANCK, BACH, CLERAMBAULT, COUPERIN, HAENDEL, WIDOR Concert recorded on 10 March 1977 in Lyon. To obtain the vinyl 33rpm, click


  • Mr. Denis BORDAGE : since February 2nd, 1992.


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