Redemption church is universally known for the beauty of its interior architecture, the stained glasses by Vincent Bégule *, its slender nave, its organs and its concerts.

It is highly appreciated by organisers and recitals and concerts are really beautiful.

They find a favourable place to musical serenity along with a great place to let the music be fully expressed. The fact that this church lends itself remarkably well to the organisation of musical events is undeniable.

Many concerts take place every year in this wonderful space and many organists from around the world now enjoy the sound quality of the organ Desmottes freshly installed since 2013.

It is regularly praised by amateurs and professionals as well as music critics.

Also, Redemption church has other hidden tresors, apart from its “small cathedral” conception which is simply beautiful.

Carved works : a Pieta and a Sacred Heart by Fontan in the north-west chapel, a Virgin and Child sculpted by Fabish and a statue of Saint Joseph signed by Brulat and dated 1901. Various paintings including one of the Apparition of the Sacred Heart to Marguerite-Marie Alacoque signed by Chaine and dated 1877 and one picturing the Assumption of the Virgin Mary from the nineteenth century, a copy of the famous Guido Reni painting in the musée des Beaux-Arts in Lyon. All the windows of the building are spectacular with stained glass crafted in several workshops – Magnin, Lavergne and noticeably Bégule from the nineteenth century; and Thomas from the twentieth century.

* Vincent Bégule, born in Saint Genis Laval, in a family with a troubled history, his grandfather will take part alongside dandies of the resistance headquarters in Lyon in 1793, he was trained by the best painting on glass. He developed this activity during the nineteenth century with the creation of the Choulans workshops in Lyon, specialized in the realisation of layman and religious stained glass. He quickly became one of the most famous artist in Lyon known for his two awarded works at both world expositions of 1889 and 1900 : Saint George fighting the dragon and Louise Labbé. Lucien Bégule worked tremendously in Lyon and many of his projects are still the finest examples of his talent and skill today.
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